19 Jan 2024
TSS Cricket Training Starting/ Training Lists/ Times towards GT 27th Jan 2024

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We look forward to the GPS season and training to start next Tuesday morning onwards. Please note relevant information pertaining to Cricket for week 1 with the boys back at school and the upcoming season.

When does Team Training Start? What Team am I Training with?

Training starts as per attached when boys return to school Tuesday. We have named Training Lists (attached) that will be named into teams by Thursday.

Please check what team you are training with and what days and times they train… For Rd1 selections to be finalised we ask that all of those boys wishing to be selected to attend starting at the boatshed nets for Seniors Yr7-12’s as per attached and Prep School Pavilion for Yr5/6's. Cricket Bags at Senior can be stored under the Swimming Grandstand for day boys in Senior during the day. The Rd1 vs GT final schedule will be finalised Thursday's on TSS Sports Website/ SOCS. Boys playing away at will be bused to the games and we ask that all boys travel with the team. Home games at TSS request that boys arrive an hour before game starts. Warm up starts 45min before game time.


We will be scoring using the new Play HQ System. This allows for Live scoring, Statistics and Talent ID to be conducted- similar to what myCricket provided in previous years.The Registration process is quite intuitive and information provided is under privacy policy. It is FREE for registration and even easier if you already have a PlayHQ ID from playing club cricket this season.

Please Register for GPS Season Jan 27 to March 23rd 2024 at - https://www.playhq.com/cricket-australia/register/53c0df

Team Selections

Selection in teams can move up and down each week and in particular this year we expect much player movement in the Yr7 teams in particular with so many incoming boys. Teams are selected in conjunction with the Team Coach, Head Skills Coach, Cricket Manager and Director of Cricket. The selection is based on a player’s past and present performance, attendance at training, trials and games, attitude (at training as well as matches including uniform), behaviour and team balance. The best possible team is selected for A teams and 1st XI each round. In lower grades endeavour is made to ensure that players receive opportunities to participate in a meaningful way. Players are encouraged to commit to playing the season to ensure that teams are maintained. Players that are irregular in attendance cannot expect games every round. Teams and venues for matches are posted on the TSS Sports Website (SOCS) prior to the weekend match. It is the responsibility of all players to notify Coaches of their unavailability no later than the Wednesday afternoon training session preceding Saturday’s match. The team coach determines batting and bowling order, not the captain. Year level determines the grouping of all players, however, the selection panel can reserve the right to play selected cricketers in 1st XI or other teams.

TSS Cricket Clothing & Equipment Expectations:

The Southport School Cricket has a proud history and pride in our appearance. Whilst summer uniform is not required for travel to and from games there are expectations and safety regulations for uniform that need to be adhered to.


A TSS training shirt and navy (PE) shorts is required. Further training accessories include a navy TSS peak cap, or white wide brimmed cricket hat, and white socks with mostly white training sport shoes. Skateboard or other shoes are not appropriate. No open footwear is to be worn at any time. Uniform is available from the TSS Uniform Shop. Please be aware that students wearing incorrect uniform may be refused to play.


Boys travel in their TSS training shirt and navy (PE) shorts. Boys then change and play in long white cricket trousers which can be purchased from any supplier. Shirts must be of the TSS approved rep shirt or TSS Cricket Shirt (preferred) that is only purchased from The Store. It is an expectation of the etiquette of the game of cricket that shirts are tucked in and your appearance to be tidy. Footwear includes white socks and white cricket shoes. As most games at TSS are on turf, spikes are recommended. Rubber shoes do not provide the necessary grip on a turf wicket, but rubbers should be taken as well as the spikes to other schools where turf may not be available. Hats are essential and must be either a wide brim type in white, or a navy TSS Peak cap or preferably, the navy TSS ‘Baggy’ cap. Hats are available from the Uniform shop. Sunglasses are recommended for sun safety. All protective thigh pads, chest pads are to be worn under the whites. All boys are encouraged to use their own personal cricket gear. Team kits will be supplied, but boys without their own kits should at least have their own gloves, helmet and groin protector.

Key Information Hub:

SOCS- TSS Sports Website: http://www.tsssportqld.com/ is the hub for all TSS Cricket Information.

TSS WARM UP ROUTINE Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpcHNBiulIQ

Wet Weather: Training normally goes ahead if wet weather intervenes...with indoor facilities available