28 Mar 2020
TSS Cricket Season Wrap Up and End of Season Video

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The 2020 GPS Cricket Season at TSS will be remembered for years to come as a season of challenges, powerlessness and a reminder that every game of Cricket should be cherished, enjoyed and appreciated.

Despite games being washed out and the season prematurely ending due to Coronavirus, the TSS Cricket Culture stood strong throughout, continuing exceptional training standards and in the games that were played – many boys and teams had the opportunity to show their skills, win games for their mates and the school, and stand up to be counted, when it was most needed. This GPS season was just the tip of an iceberg for TSS Cricketers– who dedicated themselves to six months of hard work and commitment to growth and learning the game of Cricket. It is important we recognise that despite the season being cut short and interrupted – many boys were involved in Club & Rep cricket, made huge improvements in technique, game sense, and execution of skill under pressure. It is a shame we could not have had more GPS games to show our growth, but nonetheless – it is there.

The Morning Development Sessions and Team Training have once again been a demonstration of professionalism, focus and a whole-hearted commitment to improving, as individuals and as a group of bowlers, batters and fielders. The 2020 1st XI are a product of these sessions and this season, they exhibited the importance of togetherness and exceptional fielding standards – surpassing expectation and arguably finishing only 20 runs away from winning the shortened GPS Season.

Whilst it is desired to have a formal Presentation for Award Winners in the future…it is important that we recognise the award winners for this season just past.

Congratulations to Griff Williams who deservedly wins the 'John Glenn Trophy' for most outstanding Yr. 7 – 10 non 1st XI Player 2020. His performances in the 9A Team and his selection into the Qld U15’s are testament to these efforts. The 11A and 7B Teams are the winners of the 'Most Successful Team' Trophy in 2020 after an undefeated season. Congratulations to all award winners of Best and Fairest as this is a recognition of outstanding performance and teamwork to your team. The full acknowledgement is detailed below.

Thank you to all Parents, Scorers, Umpires, Coaches and Boys for a difficult season where despite the challenges our culture remained strong and we continued to learn and enjoy the great game of Cricket into the future. ‚Äč

The link for the much anticipated 2020 Cricket Season Video is: https://youtu.be/lDFpdjLU2RE

2020 Cricket Award Winners:

State Representative Players Season 2019-20

Qld U17 Representative 2019: “Lachie Crump”

Qld U17 & Australian Representative 2019: “Jackson Sinfield”

Qld u15 Schoolboys 2019: “Liam O’Connor”

Qld u15 Schoolboys 2020: “Griff Williams”

The Handyside Trophy - Most Successful Team: “TSS Yr11A and 7B Teams”

The John Glenn Trophy - Best Junior Cricketer Yr7-10: “Griff Williams”

Best and Fairest WINNERS:

7A: Max Kahler 7B: Daniel Burda 7C: Jonathon Rigas: 7D: Jack Cook 7E: Mathew Coleman 7F: Legion Walker

8A; Riley Johnson 8B: Aston Merrell 8C: Lachlan Johnson

9A: Griff Williams 9B: Thomas Watts 9C: Seb Smith-Power

10A: Nick Williams 10B: Archie Woods 10C: Fred Cameron

11A: Max Eckersley 11B: William O’Brien

2nd XI: Brandon McPhee and Sam Strid

3rd XI “Col Hawtin Trophy”: Jack Biddle

1st XI Award Winners are TBA but the players who admirably represented TSS 1st XI in 2020 are: Jack Hocart ©, Austin Billing, Jack Sinfield, Judd Markham, Finn Smith, Lachlan Crump, Liam O'Connor, Sam Heathwood, Justin Faber, Thomas Gossett, Louis Chabert and Jack Dwyer