27 Apr 2019
Tennis Defeats Nudgee to Start Season

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As 2018 premiers, the TSS First IV picked up where they left off last year, dismissing the Nudgee First IV team 6-12-77 to 2-6-61. The Nudgee team pushed our boys a bit more this year, taking the #2 singles match 7/6 6/4 against TSS captain Ryan Selvey. However, this was countered with quick wins from #1 player Jack McCarthy 6/0 6/1 and new first IV member Timmy Yeung Packer 6/2 6/0. The #3 singles proved to be a tough encounter, with TSS player Matias McDonald dropping the first set 6/3 before fighting his way back to win the following 2 sets 6/2 6/2.

With a 3-1 lead going into doubles TSS got off to a confident start going up 3-1 in the #2 doubles rubber before a bad ankle sprain forced Matias McDonald and Ryan Selvey to forfeit their match. Fortunately Jack McCarthy and Timmy Yeung Packer fought hard at the #1 doubles position and edged a 6/4 6/4 win.

Making his first IV debut, Will Bucknell took over for an injured Matias McDonald and was put into a difficult position, with TSS requiring just 1 set to claim the overall tie. Will and Ryan dropped the opening set 6/4 but stormed back, taking the second set 6/2 before playing a clutch match tie-breaker and taking the match 10/5. With the match already clinched both Timmy and Jack kept their discipline against Nudgee’s #2 doubles pair and closed out their final match 6/4 6/2.

Great job to all First IV boys today and special mention to Timmy Yeung Packer and Will Bucknell for achieving their first wins as members of the TSS First IV!

Our Grade 11 teams were on fire today sweeping their Nudgee opponents by winning all 16 sets on offer! Will Bucknell, Joe Castor, Sam Strid and Tom Schwerkolt made short work of their matches in singles and doubles by an overall score of 48-5. Sam Robinson, Wylie Cullimore, Baxter Stewart and Spiros Kyriakou combined to earn a 48-6 win for the 11B team.

Both the 10A’s and 10B’s had an outstanding day, with both teams crushing their Nudgee opponents. Nicolas McKenzie and Saxon Gemeri got off to a great start quickly winning both of their doubles 6-4 and 6-3. Charlie White and Harry Zdanowicz also remained undefeated winning their two doubles matches 6-3 and 6-2. The 10B’s started off the season winning all eight matches against Nudgee. The boys completely dominated their opponents, which was evident from the 48-2 total game score. Special mention must go to Spiros, Jack and Oliver who all won their singles matches 6-0.

It was a great first week of the season for the year 9 tennis teams. 9A and 9B dominated against Nudgee, both teams winning 7 out of 8 sets. Special mention to Ethan Carrick from 9A for smashing his singles match 6-0. Amazing teamwork from Buddy Holley and Tom Ramsay winning their doubles 6-0.

The Year 8 boys got off to a very good start this season with wins in the As, Bs and Cs. The As were able to win every match of their tie in a dominant display. Well done Yatish Soni who came up clutch in a tight 7-6 win. Ben Stroebel and Harry Goffman set the B’s up nicely for their singles matches winning both their doubles in convincing style. Harry Goffman and Rohan Sheppard dispatched their opponents 6-1 and 6-0 respectively to seal the tie. Cormac Anning and Max Dewhurst savagely chopped both of Nudgee’s doubles pairs in the C’s. Cormac, Toby Maher and Max then won their singles easily to win their first round of the year.

The Year 7’s are off to a flying start in the 2019 tennis season with extremely competitive tennis being played against Nudgee College. An outstanding doubles performance by the No.1 doubles pair in the A’s by Jasper Cleland and Michael Keet winning both doubles matches 6-1. Also another standout singles performance by Jasper Cleland, being the only A’s player to win a singles match. The B’s were led to a great start by Jack Parkinson and Josh Bredhoerr winning their reverse doubles 6-3. An exceptional singles performance in the B’s by Harry Dawson winning 6-4 convincingly. The C’s had a hard fought day against the talented Nudgee team with great resilience shown by all players, but unfortunately no recorded wins. The D’s had 2 memorable single’s performances by Jason Pels and Charlie Smith winning 7-5 and 6-2 respectively.

The Grade 6As and Bs both enjoyed wins in their first round match against Nudgee. The As were tied with Nudgee in sets won, but claimed victory due to three huge 6-0 results, two of which came from Alex Walker in his singles and reverse doubles. The Bs were also tied in sets, including three hard-fought matches ending in tie-breaks. Once again a big 6-0 win helped TSS claim the victory, this time by Finlay Drew in his singles.

The 5As weren’t able to get on top of their opponents overall on Saturday, but Ryan Zhou and Ben Nichol did a great job to win both of their doubles matches. There was some very solid, competitive play from all four of our boys, and it will be exciting to see how their season develops from this first experience of the year. The Bs had an excellent start to the season, winning seven of their eight sets. It was a great performance that has established them as a force to be reckoned with. In the Cs, some of the TSS boys played their first ever competitive tennis matches, and handled themselves very well as they adapted and learned the game. Special mention to Mason Nash, who made an outstanding effort to back up and play again for the 6Cs when they found themselves a player short.