10 Mar 2018
TSS Cricket Round 7 vs IGS 2018

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TSS Cricket Round 7 vs IGS 2018

In a terrific effort by ground staff at both IGS & TSS we were able to get the wickets just dry enough to get a host of games played between the schools which typified the centenary of GPS sport celebrations and what it means to all to play the games.

TSS Cricket teams had a successful day with TSS winning many games and showing the improvement in our standard of play across previous tough rounds to take on IGS today. Whilst we had many games affected by rain or cancelled we still got all of the “A” Teams on in the morning with TSS winning 7 of these 9 games competed from 5A to 2nd XI which is a remarkable effort. It is great to see the younger Yr5/6 Teams improving each week and enjoying their cricket and for those boys to have some wins today and do the school war cry was very satisfying.

There was many fine performances and in particular Finn Bongers 70no in a nail biting win by 2nd XI, Mitch Freeman 4/1 off 7 overs, Austin Billings fine innings of 43 in 10A and Tom Cannington 5/5 in an 11B demolition.

1st XI were fortunate to be able to play today after a week of rain and to win the toss. TSS subsequently took the opportunity to bowl first having IGS 5/7 early and with fielders around the bat. TSS 1st XI are a fine fielding team again they were also able to extract an early run out coupled to some very slick wicket keeping up to the stumps by Cody Durante taking 4 dismissals. The spinners dominated for TSS on a “dough like wicket” with Jack Hocart taking 3/25 off 10 and Ky Newitt taking 3/30 off 10. IGS decided it was time to slog or get out and some fine lower order hitting got them to 114 all out as the pitch dried and settled.

In reply TSS were slow and steady early with Eli Fahey 25 and Ky Shield 16 to have TSS around the 2/80 run mark at 21 overs. Coach Ross Wallace put the call out for the batters to hit out to try for the total in 25 overs and double bonus point win and captain Hugo Burdon responded with 40no off 31 balls with an array of boundaries (4 x fours and 3x sixes) to get the job done with Harry Lickiss. TSS 1st XI remain undefeated after 7 rounds on top of the ladder with BBC dropping a game vs Nudgee to put us in the “box seat” for our 19th 1st XI Premiership.

Result summaries of games played vs IGS are as follows.

Full Scorecards can be found at: http://mycricket.cricket.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/clubresults.aspx?entityid=7611&id=CLR

*1st XI – Won by 6 wickets in 24 overs for double bonus point win

IGS – 10/114

TSS – 4/115

*2nd XI – Won by 5 wickets

IGS – 9/149

TSS – 5/150

Finn Bongers 70no

*3rd XI – CANCELLED washed out

*Yr 11A – Won by 6 wickets

IGS – 10/59

TSS – 4/60

Mitch Freeman 4/1 off 7

*Yr 11B – Won by 10 wickets

BGS – 10/18

TSS 0/19

Tom Cannington 5/5

*Yr10A – Lost by 6 wickets

TSS – 8/161

IGS – 4/162

Austin Billings 43, Martin Dwyer 23no

*Yr10B – CANCELLED washed out

*Yr 10C – CANCELLED washed out

*Yr9A – Won by 22 runs (comparative scores)

TSS – 7/149

IGS- 6/78

Louis Chabert 49

*Yr9B – CANCELLED washed out

*Yr9C – Won by 90 runs

TSS – 5/125

IGS – 10/35

*Yr8A – Won by 93 runs

TSS – 10/140

IGS – 10/47

Cooper Veivers 47, Harry Spittle 2/10, Justin Faber 2/4, Tom Kennedy 2/8, Ethan Carrick 3/6

*Yr8B – Won by 10 wickets

IGS – 10/29

TSS 0/30

*Yr7A – Won BY 61 runs

TSS – 3/101

IGS – 8/40

Zac McDermott 3/5, Griff Williams 58

*Yr7B – CANCELLED washed out

*Yr7C – CANCELLED washed out

*Yr7D – CANCELLED washed out

*Yr6A –Won by 48 runs

TSS – 9/116

IGS – 5/78

*Yr6B – Won by 5 wickets

IGS – 8/42

TSS – 5/66

Cash Mulligan 3/2

*Yr6C– CANCELLED washed out

*Yr5A – Lost by 2 wickets

IGS – 8/84

TSS – 6/83

*Yr5B – Won by 47 runs

TSS – 6/84

IGS – 8/37

Yr5C – CANCELLED washed out

Cricket Team Photographs

Team photographs will be conducted this week on Wed 14th and Thurs 15th March in Team training times. We will do the photos on the boatshed oval with players required to bring Cricket White longs, TSS White shirt and white shoes. Teams as always meet at the boatshed oval before training then move off. No attendance or no playing clothes…no photo.

Wed 14th March Order of Photos:

4pm: Yr7C/D/E Teams 4:20pm: All Yr10 Teams 4:35pm: 3rd XI 4:45pm: 11B/11A 5pm: 9C/8C

Thurs 15th March Order of Photos:

3:45pm 1st XI 4pm: 2nd XI/ Yr7A/B Teams 4:30pm: Yr9A/ 9B 4:45pm: Yr8A/ 8B

Key Information Hub:

SOCS: http://www.tsssportqld.com/ is the hub for all TSS Cricket Information.

Wet Weather: Training normally goes ahead if wet weather intervenes...with indoor facilities available AND on Game Day the TSS Wet Weather Line details the status of games: (07) 5531 9860